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2011-01-15 13:39:30 by Kaizerwolf

(UPDATE 05/02/11)

It has come to my attention that there is some confusion as to what other sites I am on, as well as usernames for those sites. Let's start, shall we?

Play my tracks over at Grooveshark!

-Subscribe to me onYoutube

-Shamefully follow my tweets on My Twitter!

-Listen to tracks on Reverbnation

-Listen to other tracks on Soundcloud

-Even more tracks on The Audio Portal

-Find my strange interest in fractals on deviantART

-Friend me on Xbox Live: KaizerwolfNG (regular Kaizerwolf is taken)
Go for it. Follow away. Subscribe. Whatever.


Shit's coming along.


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2011-01-15 16:20:31

Sorry random guy on YouTube named Kaizerwolf....that isn't you...

Kaizerwolf responds:

Hehe nope. :P


2011-01-27 20:29:23

Also Whatpulse 22/

One day I wil surpass you. One day.

Kaizerwolf responds:

Aww geez man, you're getting close. D:


2011-03-11 14:30:17

I was wondering. Why dont you put all your music up on YouTube? You will get noticed much more.

Kaizerwolf responds:

I need motivation, something which I lack at the moment. The whole process of putting the song in, rendering the video, uploading it, waiting for it to process; it's really long. And uploading to NG is a simple 2-3 minute affair.

I'l get around to some stuff though.


2011-03-26 18:02:11

Motivation........YOU CAN DO IT JEFF (thats your name right?) !!!


2011-09-13 05:06:32

kill DIE

Kaizerwolf responds:



2011-12-04 01:03:22

ohai. we both have the same level icon.

Kaizerwolf responds:

I believe we do. I haven't leveled up in quite a few months, I haven't been voting like I used to.


2011-12-12 10:41:53

FUCK THE POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaizerwolf responds:

Wearing hats in no hat zones.


2012-02-05 23:12:40

I miss writing audio with you home slice!


2012-03-06 16:34:17

Aw yeah!

Kaizerwolf responds:

Hey now haywire. What's going on man? :D


2012-03-26 01:59:03

I noticed a lack of an msn or skype.


Also I need your permission to use your music in some little thing I threw together in flash.
And don't get excited it's nothing impressive.

Kaizerwolf responds:

Late response. I thought I posted one a while back. Well, email is You're free to use whatever song you want, just link me to the finished product.