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Holy Traffic Cones

2010-07-23 15:53:47 by Kaizerwolf

Good day to you all.
Tis been a while since I made a news post.
So this is kind of like a place holder.
At least until something interesting happens.
I like Dubstep. It's pretty dirty.
I also enjoy Alien Swarm. It's quite the free game.
I keep pushing enter, I probably should stop.
Remember kids, make sure no unwanted passengers are in your car before starting to drive.
Silly Driver Education.
That's what they taught us one day.
Nothing prepares you for the jerks who flip you off because they have a fancy sports car though.
Just saying.

Holy Traffic Cones


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2010-07-24 14:56:36

Nice cone.

Kaizerwolf responds:

You're damn right it is.


2010-07-30 14:54:35

i like dubstep dog :| 6tDwk

Kaizerwolf responds:



2010-07-30 15:06:15

it's staring at me. should I stare back?

Kaizerwolf responds:

Yes. You should. I bet you can even beat it in a staring contest.


2010-08-06 00:25:09


Have you ever tried Kingdom of Loathing? Quite a funny game. I'm Lord Vaclav if you're already there (I named my character after my Czech middle name).

I didn't take Drivers Ed, I was taking too many other classes in high school and I have pretty bad ADHD, it made me wonder how well I could really concentrate on the road if I got lost in my head.

Are you still interested in doing music for Xfing's Descent 1 1/2 project? I've been looking through your songs and found several that are the exact style I've been looking for (in particular "(Mercury) Processing Factory" and "Ancient Aquatic Temple" to name a couple).

If you're still looking to contribute something (and if you are I'm looking forward to it), I have come up with a couple of guidelines: Length should be between 2:30 and 7:00 (I find anything lower than 2:30 gets annoyingly repetitive in a regular length Descent level). Anything over 7:00 and the file would be too big (I'm looking for 256 - 320 kbps ogg files).
You're regular style would be perfect for this project, though you may want to have a bit more emphasis on the drums. Your acid synths in particular would fit really well.

I would have some of my better songs on newgrounds, but I have a tendency to sign them up for top-secret game mod projects where I can't share them. And if I'm uploading something to show to someone newgrounds isn't the best place to do it (the ratings can be very misleading. I know from experience).
I've deleted all of my old repetitive songs from newgrounds as well, as I've moved on to much better music and they're very misleading to my current abilities. The only one I kept here was Mizzia (because I think the main idea still has potential so I'm going to remix it).

Once I remix "Absent" I'll put it on here (or maybe just upload it to PD, like I did Shadow Play).

Kaizerwolf responds:

Yeah, I'm still in for that good fun with music. I've got some projects floating around. My main musical priority right now is the ODF, but I'll see if I can throw in a few songs.


2010-08-06 11:54:56

im scared

Kaizerwolf responds:

And rightly so.


2010-08-26 16:23:52

somebody should feed that thing

Kaizerwolf responds:

You should do it. He loves Steak.


2010-08-29 00:18:27

I love steak too.
Maybe I can take him out to dinner.

Kaizerwolf responds:

As long as you take him to a fancy restaurant. He's a classy traffic cone.


2010-09-03 22:46:24

Yes, that can be arranged. I'll wear my finest suit.

Kaizerwolf responds:

The traffic cone is fond of such fancy attire.


2010-09-16 11:30:21

pip pip cheerio

Kaizerwolf responds:

Oh yes quite indeed indubitably.


2010-09-17 16:37:42

go jeff for being more awesome than me

Kaizerwolf responds:

The traffic cone demands repentance!


2010-10-07 14:40:41 are crazy

Kaizerwolf responds:

You sir... are cool. :D


2010-12-05 14:33:43

This comment is about whiteboards.

Kaizerwolf responds:

This response is about LAWLS.