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New Years and such.

2009-08-22 18:00:38 by Kaizerwolf


Hey guys, happy (late) new year!

This is what I predict for this year; even less songs than 09. The reason is that I'm continuing to learn that taking my time on my music is the way to go. Loops will probably be the general thing you guys will see for the next few months until I get a new computer. (And I am expected to get a new one!)

I got a good haul this christmas.
-An M-Audio KeyRig 49
-A pair of sennheiser headphones
-a 640 GB harddrive (all my samples and FL Studio stuff will eventually get onto there, it's taking a huge chunk of my HD at the moment.
-Assassin's Creed 1 and 2
-Modern Warfare 2
-Forza 3
(and no, I don't have XBL)
-Some other assorted shirts and some money/giftcards

So there you have it. The key rig is great, though I'm still trying to reduce the insane amount of latency.

My new years resolution (more like a goal) is to get a song sold. It might not happen this year, but I'm aiming to do so before i get out of highschool in 2012.

Pax! :D

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Alright people, I've gotten FL to work a bit better, it was ASIO4All that was causing my soundcard to malfunction. It still freezes FL from time to time though, so there may be a few new songs here and there.

Also, there is a new clone user of me, dubbed "Kaizerwoif." Replacing the l with an i makes his/her name look like mine. This is NOT ME.

That is all. Pax.

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Well guys, I've run into a huge issue. My computer is a mess. Literally.

Now, i don't mean dirty and oozing some odd green fluid, i mean dying. Let me explain..

My Sound Card is crapping out. I can no longer run FL Studio or even AUDACITY (for the love of..) for more than a few minutes before my computer freezes and the tower becomes unresponsive unless i use the panic switch in the back.

My Hard Drive is certainly trying to suicide. I've hastily backed up my files, because I'm thinking that one day it'll crash and won't be able to recover anything. My computer has a nasty habit of restarting randomly during ANY program that uses 95+%, which means I can't run games for more than a half an hour, give or take a few.

I can't insert discs into my CDROM drive. Something is up with the powersupply and motherboard, so until i take the CD out, my computer will go through an endless cycle of restarts.

Only 2 of the 4 USB ports on this thing work. One is cracked around the metal that holds it, and the other one short circuits the tower when you plug something in, and the tower wont turn on for a while. I had to buy a separate port and plug it into one of the good tower ports, and the other usable port holds the wireless mouse and keyboard sensor, which is ALSO failing!

The main point of this is that song production has stopped now, save some small occasional loops. Sorry to any fans i may have, and i know there aren't many.

Time for an upgrade, yeh? And it's close to Christmas too! :D

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Holy crap, I really can't believe it's November. It's close to Thanksgiving (YUM!) and Christmas. (YAY!) I'm not asking for a whole lot this Christmas, but I do have a few musical things in mind!
-an M-Audio KeyRig 49, I've gotta have at least something that I can play on!
-Possibly a new soundcard
-an external hard drive for my music library and assorted FL Studio products

Other than that, it's just a few videogames (Forza 2 and Lost Planet 2) and moneyz.

And, at the moment, my good buddy modem and I are collaborating on a project! For that new Collab EP thing over on the BBS. We've already for a solid start, and let me tell you guys, it sounds amazing! modem is great to work with, his style really matches mine. Hopefully, this turns out really epicly, and with any luck we can get onto the CD! :D

Till next time, pax folks and fans. :)

. : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : .

Okay guys, I'm not dead! :D

I figured I'd post an update. The NG 1MM has come to a major halt, we've gotten no response from any of the users in groups 2 and 3... It's a shame really, this could have turned out very well. It's failure was partly my fault; modem had originally planned for a "true remix collab" of sorts, where the users integrated parts of the previous song into their own; i told everyone to just make a 1 minute song at 127 BPM. So modem, I'm sorry this whole thing fell apart. I do hope you get some money to jump start you're life again. :)

The NG 1MM was not an entire failure, however, as modem was able to compile thefirst group's songs , and it turned out pretty nicely despite the really hard bit crushing.

I've got some new material on the way; I'm spending way more time on making my songs as good as possible, without rushing to finish them. I used to pump out songs daily or every few days; now I'm hard pressed to submit one once per week. Just goes to show how I'm still learning. :D

Pax folks. :D


Awesome! A new collab, featuring a ton of NG Artists. Here's the list so far...

(((NOTICE; Since we've had some trouble with this, please PM THE NEXT USER IN LINE ONCE YOUR SONG IS FINISHED. Also, there is a three day limit on your song.If you do not finish withint the time limit, you will be removed. Also send you're finished track in a WAV/AIFF format to modem. He's the one who will put everything together.)))

Part 1
01. Steak89/Stupor (Done)
02. Kaizerwolf (Done)
03. Flaming Firebolt (Done)
04. SineRider (Done)
05. DJ-Bert (Done)
06. modem (Done)
07. vanguard182 (done)
08. PearlDrummer516 (should be working)
09. JoHobo2

Part 2
1) TheCoreMan (Done)
2) gregaaron89 (done)
3) Joonho (Done)
4) iceblueglow (done)
5) MerlinsBeard (done)
6) itsfoxhall (working)
7) DJ-Chilvan
8) astheashesdecay
9) Koriigahn
10) Spikrodd

Part 3
1) Box-Killa (done)
2) F-777 (done)
3) TripleStar (working)
4) Thorsell
5) Uluse
6) newgeneral
7) LightKeeper
8) Nechura

(8-30-09) All slots filled! Sorry guys. However, if there are enough people who still want in, i might be able to make a group 4.

Split into 3 groups because it's easier to control that way. Some useful links to check out as well, pertaining to this contest...

modem's Page

The NG One Minute Massacre BBS Thread.

People wishing to join this collab should post in the thread, not in my comments section. Leave a comment if:
1. You are dropping out.
2. You have a question.

I will use this thread to keep people updated on the status of each group. Yey!

A new fractal that I'm too lazy to put onto the Art board right now.

New Years and such.


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2009-08-22 18:56:47

:O Sinerider is after me.. Feels like a big responsibility somehow

Kaizerwolf responds:

Nah, don't worry about it! We're all friends. :3


2009-08-23 00:36:35

You might want to mention that Steak89 changed his name (to Stupor). Also, modem is not in list one; Steak89 is the first song in list one.

Kaizerwolf responds:

Yeap, sure, i can do that. :)


2009-08-23 07:32:35

im gonna try using reason for this :D FIRST TIME!!!

i think i want to steal this idea for an faster track :P

Kaizerwolf responds:

Reason. Never could get used to it over FL Studio. Good luck. :)


2009-08-23 09:47:39

Does it have to have a extreme smooth transition? :P

Kaizerwolf responds:

No, i dont think so. All my part is is a fade in and out. It gives you space to do what you need.


2009-08-23 14:27:16

So i presume i do the same..
btw, can you send that small synth riff in a wav. file to me?:)

Kaizerwolf responds:

Which one might you be talking about? :)


2009-08-23 15:35:37

Nevermind... Damn continueing your song is hard :(. I'm afraid i had to change it drastically to 4/4 trance. But, the transisition sucks. I don't know if it still counts. Can i add you msn? Or can i send the mp3 to show you what i mean?

Kaizerwolf responds:

Hey, your song is fine, Transitions aren't a big thing, i really didn't leave one open for you... your song is fine though. As long as it fits the 128 BPM, it's fine. You could change the key if you wanted, you didn't have to leave it at A Minor.


2009-08-24 05:03:47

correction: I'm not in part 2, I'm in part 3. Grag = gregaaron89. I dunno how that misunderstanding happened lol. Working on it now

Kaizerwolf responds:

Ah, alright, sorry!


2009-08-24 06:05:52

Btw, who is going to beatmix all of them together?

Kaizerwolf responds:

I thought modem was, i think we're supposed to send all our songs to him... I'll check and get back to you on that, though.


2009-08-25 07:30:14

Part 1 would probably be the first one to be ready. Since sinerider is already done ( Update it you lazy bastard >: l ) jk
But i still LOL at the last 4 people. They joined when i send my demo and they liked the idea of the contest.. We really should host more of these contest ;), maybe Modem again or you?

Kaizerwolf responds:

If we get enough people wanting to sign up, i'll put in a group 4. Any more and I'll get in talks wif modem about starting another. :D


2009-08-28 13:05:35

F-777 is in my group. He's good <3

Anyways can't wait for my turn. I'll try my best even though I only have Fl Studio 8 now for about 1 year.

Kaizerwolf responds:

Hey, don't worry about it man! Everyone gets a fair chance, no song will get turned down. :)


2009-08-30 14:10:55

awww muuu gooosshhh F777 is on the same list as me! That means we'll be making song together! wooo!

Kaizerwolf responds:

In a way, yes. He'll be making a song based on the previous users song, which is based on yours.


2009-08-30 22:18:02

Hahahaha thats good enough for me!

Kaizerwolf responds:

Otay then. :D


2009-08-31 16:44:10

I feel like I did my part a little bit too quikckly, now that everyone is taking days to make theirs. I would upload my part, but I think it should all be a surprise when it's finished.

Kaizerwolf responds:

Well, right now i don't really think it matters how long you took. For me, i already had mine started and just adapted it to Steak89/Stupor's.


2009-09-03 00:21:18

Why dont you chuck Spikrodd on the end of group three to make in even? Did you like my submission lolz ?

Peaceout :D

Kaizerwolf responds:

If you read the topic, you would learn that we hadn't originally planned for a group 3. It doesn't matter if it's even either.
Also, i didn't listen to your song, i want all of them to be a surprise.


2009-09-05 05:02:31

Thanks for the spot! I'm very gracious as I know I snatched up the last place available. Anyways, just to be certain about what's happening, when the user before me finishes, he'll send me a pm with his part and then I'll have 3 days to work on my part from there, is that how it works?

Kaizerwolf responds:

Yes. You won't be remixing anyone's song, you're just building off of it. :)


2009-09-14 07:28:20

Awesome shit, mate! How does Part 2 coming up? I don't have time to scroll through the thread... Did people got over my weird BMP?

Kaizerwolf responds:

I dunno, i think they did.


2009-10-02 23:24:53

That collab looks epic.

Also, ask anyone on NG that knows me- I'm one of the biggest dog lovers in the world. I feel your pain.

*hugs goggie* Ish so cuuet :< What is that? A pit/rott mix.. I can barely tell. The muzzle and forehead structure are all I can go on.

Kaizerwolf responds:

I believe he was a boxer with some slight pitbull genes... not entirely sure though. I miss him :'(


2009-10-06 17:42:32

Don't mind him, spammed my page too. Look at his profile, his 'son' can't decide if he's 7 or 13 xD
At least he could get his falsified story straight. Eh. Damn trolls not being successful. :P

Kaizerwolf responds:

I'm keeping it there for the lulz.


2009-10-12 15:53:52

Hey, mate - How comes that itsfoxhall haven't done his part yet? Or how comes that you haven't skipped him?

I just want part 2 to be over yet :^(

Kaizerwolf responds:

Dunno. This whole thing just sort of fell apart...


2009-10-29 23:35:23

Thanks again for scouting me broski. :D

Kaizerwolf responds:

Sure thing dudebro. :D


2009-11-06 02:13:05

Has it been a month now. Damn this collab is long :3

Anyways, only 2 people finished in our group. :( At least they are taking their time. TripleStar, come on mate :P

Kaizerwolf responds:

This collab sort of died, bud. Sorry :(


2009-11-12 19:02:46

Haha, i got my first random pm. XD

Kaizerwolf responds:

Random, eh? Like one of those "Hey, I'm new to the site, we should get to know each other" crap like that? :P


2009-11-13 18:36:16

Ha, uhm. I can say that the song sounds great!

Kaizerwolf responds:

Yes, you can. ;)


2009-11-14 13:59:06

I feel like i should buy you something. D:

Kaizerwolf responds:

Nah, I've got moneys. And it's going to be Christmas soon anyway. :D


2009-11-20 20:23:45

Wow, i didnt know it was that bad. 0.o

Kaizerwolf responds:

Mmhmm. :'(


2009-11-27 15:49:44

Love the artwork on the bottom!

Kaizerwolf responds:

Thanks man, I'm glad you like it! Expect some more soon. :D


2009-12-05 01:12:14

Woot, got my new Avatar and stuff, check it out! :D

Kaizerwolf responds:

Yey D8<


2009-12-12 16:08:27

Oops, i messed up on my review on "Ring of the Ignus"

I forgot to add that my score gave it (+ 4.02) score. :D

Small mistake but its worth it. =P


2010-01-03 22:03:35

Is this collab still goin?

Kaizerwolf responds:

Nah sorry bud, it ended a few months ago. :|


2010-06-13 12:01:49

New Years and such.
Posted by Kaizerwolf
Aug. 22, 2009 @ 6:00 PM EDT

Kaizerwolf responds:

What, a not so subtle message to do another post? :P