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For the record...

2008-07-28 09:45:19 by Kaizerwolf

[July 21, 09] Yes, it is time for another news post.

Just today i finished up the 5 songs that i will be sending to the Weather Channel. This is really exciting news for me, because i've been looking forward to sending them my stuff!

I also obtained FL Studio 8.5 Public Beta, and let me just say, it is amazing. If you havent bought FL Studio, i highly recommend you do so you can get the new features! Vocodex, Autogun, all of it is amazing.

I also started work again on the Flight Back soundtrack. Flight Back is an open-source "Descent" project. For those who don't know, Descent is a 6DoF shooter, a 360 degree of motion shooter, whatever you want to call it. This new "Descent" will feature a new weapon and robot list, a whole new interface to support all levels and a custom soundtrack by yours truely! Scroll up a bit to see the newest song, Gauss, and i'm very happy with the results!

Until next time good people!
[July 2, 09] Aye folks, i'll make another post. :D

So, Gravey1 and i just finished our newest collab. Yes, i know, we just did one, but hey, we did another! So far, it's been a pretty big hit! The song took a lot of time out of both of us, and im pretty proud of the results! It seems that other people do as well.

So, i wont keep you waiting for a link to the song anymore. /251253
[Apr. 25, 09] Just to clear some things up:

The user "kaizerwolf" on Youtube is not me. I don't even have a Youtube account, and whoever that 23 year old Phillipean's guy, it isnt me. This "Constantine" person or whoever also has a deviantart, or whatever it is, and is under the name "kaizerwolf" as well. This is also NOT ME. I am hoping, soon enough, to release an album of sorts for the "company" i work for. By the time an album hits the market, the name is officially mine. Hopefully...


[Apr. 16, 09] Gosh, another one so soon?!

Well yes! Because i'm excited! Gravey1 and I finished our collab, My Quiet Place, and we're both pretty proud of it! Our styles compliment each other nicely. He has the more orchestral side of the song, i'm more of the electronic side. This was actually only 2 days in the making, and it sounds so awesome!

So, go and check it out! Now!

My Quiet Place


[Apr. 15, 09] Well, i might as well make another new post...

So, i'm in a collab with Gravey1. He is insanely awesome at doing musical stuff, we've got a lot done so far. Don't expect anything real soon. I'm gonna have to say we're both perfectionists. :P

I wouldn't be expecting new material from me anytime soon either. I'm waiting on a friend to finish a guitar solo for me on a "Flight Back" song, and he's pretty pazy so i'm not expecting it to be done anytime soon.

As for the Audio Ad Thread, i can't keep up with the amount of posts being made. I've tried my best, but it's getting away from me pretty quick. It's not like i have the time to be on here 24/7. I'm trying my best though!

As for the new RSS feed stuff, that seems pretty nice. It's a good way to earn some money, who cares about the amount. :D

Wait for the next post!

So, i am now in F-777's Feelings Of Music contest. I am quite happy with my submission, Flying, and i hope more people will notice it and like it.

Now, the real reason for this new news post is to say this: The Audio Advertisment thread in the Audio board is a complete mess. All that it posted there now is links. That's all i see. However (and this is an honest however!) i will be trying to somewhat resurect the ad thread. I will check it periodically and give some critique to the songs or try to help some of those artists who need a little attention. I hope some others might join me in this mini crusade of sorts. I think that the new artists and old ones who don't get much popularity on their songs from the submit button need a helping hand. God knows i do, but that doesn't matter.

I shall do my part to help this thread. Who else will?

I need to tell you all about Forelorn Lemons once again. THIS SONG WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. I cannot say why, but it always leaves me all warm and fuzzy inside... just... listen to it and review it... nubbin deserves it.


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2008-08-20 07:45:20

I wuv you Kaizerwold :D

Kaizerwolf responds:

who is this "Kaizerwold" person, HMMMM?!


2009-01-13 10:09:53

wow u have alot of good songs but i wonder why thers like no views @_@ need to spread the word!! XD

Kaizerwolf responds:

Yes, i do :| Thanks!


2009-01-26 17:20:14

Your Response to my review -

Why throw a bitch fit? Can you not take a constructive review? I have just made a quick piano / string riff in the last 5 minutes for you to listen to, it's to show how easy it is to put emotion into a song so it doesn't sound dead... I've named it after you - n/206988

Kaizerwolf responds:

You really oughta listen again. If you don't have anything good to say, or to improve something, shut the hell up. "More emotion" doesn't help me.


2009-01-30 12:29:42

so pink

Kaizerwolf responds:

Why thank you.


2009-02-08 14:01:14

Please learn to spell repetitive.

Kaizerwolf responds:

This is for... who now?


2009-02-20 19:03:41

I see that "Undredogs List" moved here :)
A quite nice thing you're doing.

Kaizerwolf responds:

Underdogs, not so much. More like a "Help me revive a topic" kind of deal. :P


2009-03-09 10:16:42

This is a nice little "What's going on in the AP lately" news post you've got here. I will be checking back here often! a.k.a. You rock ;)

Kaizerwolf responds:

Why thank you. :)


2009-04-15 20:49:24

Audio portal has some good stuff, if you look hard enough.

Kaizerwolf responds:

Indeed. It's the looking part that kills me. :P


2009-04-17 19:56:31

It kills me too, because I'm a REAL slacker.

Kaizerwolf responds:

Yeah, no kidding. Basically, the AP is a 5 bomb or 0 bomb fest nowadays.


2009-04-18 12:03:46

Some quick facts about our song "My Quiet Place."

Thursday's Stats :

Score 4.67
Score Ranking N/A
38 Listens
28 Votes
24 Reviews
10 Favorites

Yesterday's Stats :

Score 4.53
Score Ranking #2
157 Listens
36 Votes
18 Reviews
5 Favorites

Todays Stats (So Far Anyways) :

Score 4.56
Score Ranking #2
20 Listens
7 Votes
1 Review
1 Favorite


Yea, I had way to much time on my hands the last few days. So I figured you would enjoy this info. :-)

Our song kicks ass by the way!


(Updated ) Kaizerwolf responds:

Yeah, i've seen the total stats. Thats pretty impressive for just 2 and a half days!

Can't wait for Tuesday. :D


2009-04-19 18:46:38

Dude, this will crack you up. I sent and responded to so many pm's today, that I'm blocked from sending anymore. X-D

How awesome is that?!


Kaizerwolf responds:

Thats a little crazy! How the hell can there be a limit on PMs?


2009-04-19 20:22:27

No clue, but I still can't send any.


Kaizerwolf responds:

Is it permanent?


2009-04-19 21:32:01

LMAO!!!! Now THAT would be a bitch wouldn't it?!?!

Evil Tom looks down at me...

*You sent too many pm's! You will never message again!*


Btw, as of this moment I have 103 messages right now I haven't responded to! Lawl!


Kaizerwolf responds:

Thats quite a few there! You must have SO much time on your hands, and SO many friends and fans, to be able to get 103 PM's.

The song has almost 100 reviews! :D


2009-04-19 22:02:47

Not really. I sent about 130 pm's to people about the new song. These are mostly just responses from them.


Kaizerwolf responds:



2009-04-20 01:24:11

Listen to what I wish I could write... n/231383

Once again, TestSubjectA proves why he is hands down the best experimental/classical composer on Newgrounds.


P.S. - I obviously still can't send pm's. Thus, I'm leaving it here for you instead.


2009-07-23 09:51:52

That is a long ass post. I'll read it.

Kaizerwolf responds:

Editing the same one over and over is easier than making an entire new one. :P


2009-08-02 23:03:11

Why would the Weather Channel ask for stuff from a 15 year old whom they don't even know?

No offense, just curious.

Kaizerwolf responds:

Yeah, i keep wondering that myself. I just emailed them, told them my genre of music was similar to the stuff they played, and they wanted a demo. Dunno why. :P


2011-05-22 14:43:03

most of the links dont do anything