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Posted by Kaizerwolf - November 12th, 2012

Time is such a cliche motherfucker. I feel really awful for using time as an excuse, but I just don't have nearly as much now. College is setting in, even after two months, and I haven't been able to produce anything recently. College life, coupled with this shitty block, is not helping me.

Things are slowly coming along still, though. Lots of psychedelic trance, so many possible songs that I'm thinking of doing an album. The problem is, I want to move on from Newgrounds. I feel like I'm being held back by the website, and although the amount of fans I have on this website has skyrocketed, I think it's time for me to move on.

You can find me over at Soundcloud, where I'm going to be uploading all of my content (and maybe demos and WIPs for review).

I'm also on Youtube, where I'll occasionally upload songs with fractals I've done and all that jazz.

If you absolutely want to, you can like my page on Facebook, where I do my best to make a new post every time a song is uploaded to either Soundcloud or Youtube.

Don't worry guys, I'm not deleting my Newgrounds account or any of the songs on it. I'm just not going to upload here anymore.

It's been a pleasure here, NG.

Posted by Kaizerwolf - April 24th, 2012

(UPDATE 04/24/12)

I'm 18. Holy shit. I don't feel any different. Nothing is particularly different.
I have 93 fans. I do not know where they came from. I guess I have to thank Cry for using my songs in his videos, that's probably where that happened.
Things are coming along, kiddies. Let's change some things around, eh?

It has come to my attention that there is some confusion as to what other sites I am on, as well as usernames for those sites. Let's start, shall we?


-Subscribe to me onYoutube. Videos come every once and a while, I'll be uploading a big (or not) 50 subscriber video soon.

-Shamefully follow my tweets on My Twitter!

-Check out another base for my music on Soundcloud

-Even more tracks on The Audio Portal


Thanks kids. <3

Posted by Kaizerwolf - January 15th, 2011

(UPDATE 05/02/11)

It has come to my attention that there is some confusion as to what other sites I am on, as well as usernames for those sites. Let's start, shall we?

Play my tracks over at Grooveshark!

-Subscribe to me onYoutube

-Shamefully follow my tweets on My Twitter!

-Listen to tracks on Reverbnation

-Listen to other tracks on Soundcloud

-Even more tracks on The Audio Portal

-Find my strange interest in fractals on deviantART

-Friend me on Xbox Live: KaizerwolfNG (regular Kaizerwolf is taken)
Go for it. Follow away. Subscribe. Whatever.


Shit's coming along.

Posted by Kaizerwolf - December 6th, 2010

GREAT SCOTT. It's almost Christmas. It's Chrimbus right now. Gather 'round the chrimbus bush, kiddies, and let ole' Kaizerwolf tell you a story!

Just kidding. I don't really have a story.

I'm doing musical things. They're coming slowly, but it's going. Audio Secret Santa is going on, people have been assigned, things are working well.


Posted by Kaizerwolf - July 23rd, 2010

Good day to you all.
Tis been a while since I made a news post.
So this is kind of like a place holder.
At least until something interesting happens.
I like Dubstep. It's pretty dirty.
I also enjoy Alien Swarm. It's quite the free game.
I keep pushing enter, I probably should stop.
Remember kids, make sure no unwanted passengers are in your car before starting to drive.
Silly Driver Education.
That's what they taught us one day.
Nothing prepares you for the jerks who flip you off because they have a fancy sports car though.
Just saying.

Holy Traffic Cones

Posted by Kaizerwolf - August 22nd, 2009


Hey guys, happy (late) new year!

This is what I predict for this year; even less songs than 09. The reason is that I'm continuing to learn that taking my time on my music is the way to go. Loops will probably be the general thing you guys will see for the next few months until I get a new computer. (And I am expected to get a new one!)

I got a good haul this christmas.
-An M-Audio KeyRig 49
-A pair of sennheiser headphones
-a 640 GB harddrive (all my samples and FL Studio stuff will eventually get onto there, it's taking a huge chunk of my HD at the moment.
-Assassin's Creed 1 and 2
-Modern Warfare 2
-Forza 3
(and no, I don't have XBL)
-Some other assorted shirts and some money/giftcards

So there you have it. The key rig is great, though I'm still trying to reduce the insane amount of latency.

My new years resolution (more like a goal) is to get a song sold. It might not happen this year, but I'm aiming to do so before i get out of highschool in 2012.

Pax! :D

. : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : .


Alright people, I've gotten FL to work a bit better, it was ASIO4All that was causing my soundcard to malfunction. It still freezes FL from time to time though, so there may be a few new songs here and there.

Also, there is a new clone user of me, dubbed "Kaizerwoif." Replacing the l with an i makes his/her name look like mine. This is NOT ME.

That is all. Pax.

. : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : .


Well guys, I've run into a huge issue. My computer is a mess. Literally.

Now, i don't mean dirty and oozing some odd green fluid, i mean dying. Let me explain..

My Sound Card is crapping out. I can no longer run FL Studio or even AUDACITY (for the love of..) for more than a few minutes before my computer freezes and the tower becomes unresponsive unless i use the panic switch in the back.

My Hard Drive is certainly trying to suicide. I've hastily backed up my files, because I'm thinking that one day it'll crash and won't be able to recover anything. My computer has a nasty habit of restarting randomly during ANY program that uses 95+%, which means I can't run games for more than a half an hour, give or take a few.

I can't insert discs into my CDROM drive. Something is up with the powersupply and motherboard, so until i take the CD out, my computer will go through an endless cycle of restarts.

Only 2 of the 4 USB ports on this thing work. One is cracked around the metal that holds it, and the other one short circuits the tower when you plug something in, and the tower wont turn on for a while. I had to buy a separate port and plug it into one of the good tower ports, and the other usable port holds the wireless mouse and keyboard sensor, which is ALSO failing!

The main point of this is that song production has stopped now, save some small occasional loops. Sorry to any fans i may have, and i know there aren't many.

Time for an upgrade, yeh? And it's close to Christmas too! :D

. : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : .


Holy crap, I really can't believe it's November. It's close to Thanksgiving (YUM!) and Christmas. (YAY!) I'm not asking for a whole lot this Christmas, but I do have a few musical things in mind!
-an M-Audio KeyRig 49, I've gotta have at least something that I can play on!
-Possibly a new soundcard
-an external hard drive for my music library and assorted FL Studio products

Other than that, it's just a few videogames (Forza 2 and Lost Planet 2) and moneyz.

And, at the moment, my good buddy modem and I are collaborating on a project! For that new Collab EP thing over on the BBS. We've already for a solid start, and let me tell you guys, it sounds amazing! modem is great to work with, his style really matches mine. Hopefully, this turns out really epicly, and with any luck we can get onto the CD! :D

Till next time, pax folks and fans. :)

. : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : .

Okay guys, I'm not dead! :D

I figured I'd post an update. The NG 1MM has come to a major halt, we've gotten no response from any of the users in groups 2 and 3... It's a shame really, this could have turned out very well. It's failure was partly my fault; modem had originally planned for a "true remix collab" of sorts, where the users integrated parts of the previous song into their own; i told everyone to just make a 1 minute song at 127 BPM. So modem, I'm sorry this whole thing fell apart. I do hope you get some money to jump start you're life again. :)

The NG 1MM was not an entire failure, however, as modem was able to compile thefirst group's songs , and it turned out pretty nicely despite the really hard bit crushing.

I've got some new material on the way; I'm spending way more time on making my songs as good as possible, without rushing to finish them. I used to pump out songs daily or every few days; now I'm hard pressed to submit one once per week. Just goes to show how I'm still learning. :D

Pax folks. :D


Awesome! A new collab, featuring a ton of NG Artists. Here's the list so far...

(((NOTICE; Since we've had some trouble with this, please PM THE NEXT USER IN LINE ONCE YOUR SONG IS FINISHED. Also, there is a three day limit on your song.If you do not finish withint the time limit, you will be removed. Also send you're finished track in a WAV/AIFF format to modem. He's the one who will put everything together.)))

Part 1
01. Steak89/Stupor (Done)
02. Kaizerwolf (Done)
03. Flaming Firebolt (Done)
04. SineRider (Done)
05. DJ-Bert (Done)
06. modem (Done)
07. vanguard182 (done)
08. PearlDrummer516 (should be working)
09. JoHobo2

Part 2
1) TheCoreMan (Done)
2) gregaaron89 (done)
3) Joonho (Done)
4) iceblueglow (done)
5) MerlinsBeard (done)
6) itsfoxhall (working)
7) DJ-Chilvan
8) astheashesdecay
9) Koriigahn
10) Spikrodd

Part 3
1) Box-Killa (done)
2) F-777 (done)
3) TripleStar (working)
4) Thorsell
5) Uluse
6) newgeneral
7) LightKeeper
8) Nechura

(8-30-09) All slots filled! Sorry guys. However, if there are enough people who still want in, i might be able to make a group 4.

Split into 3 groups because it's easier to control that way. Some useful links to check out as well, pertaining to this contest...

modem's Page

The NG One Minute Massacre BBS Thread.

People wishing to join this collab should post in the thread, not in my comments section. Leave a comment if:
1. You are dropping out.
2. You have a question.

I will use this thread to keep people updated on the status of each group. Yey!

A new fractal that I'm too lazy to put onto the Art board right now.

New Years and such.

Posted by Kaizerwolf - July 28th, 2008

[July 21, 09] Yes, it is time for another news post.

Just today i finished up the 5 songs that i will be sending to the Weather Channel. This is really exciting news for me, because i've been looking forward to sending them my stuff!

I also obtained FL Studio 8.5 Public Beta, and let me just say, it is amazing. If you havent bought FL Studio, i highly recommend you do so you can get the new features! Vocodex, Autogun, all of it is amazing.

I also started work again on the Flight Back soundtrack. Flight Back is an open-source "Descent" project. For those who don't know, Descent is a 6DoF shooter, a 360 degree of motion shooter, whatever you want to call it. This new "Descent" will feature a new weapon and robot list, a whole new interface to support all levels and a custom soundtrack by yours truely! Scroll up a bit to see the newest song, Gauss, and i'm very happy with the results!

Until next time good people!
[July 2, 09] Aye folks, i'll make another post. :D

So, Gravey1 and i just finished our newest collab. Yes, i know, we just did one, but hey, we did another! So far, it's been a pretty big hit! The song took a lot of time out of both of us, and im pretty proud of the results! It seems that other people do as well.

So, i wont keep you waiting for a link to the song anymore.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /251253
[Apr. 25, 09] Just to clear some things up:

The user "kaizerwolf" on Youtube is not me. I don't even have a Youtube account, and whoever that 23 year old Phillipean's guy, it isnt me. This "Constantine" person or whoever also has a deviantart, or whatever it is, and is under the name "kaizerwolf" as well. This is also NOT ME. I am hoping, soon enough, to release an album of sorts for the "company" i work for. By the time an album hits the market, the name is officially mine. Hopefully...


[Apr. 16, 09] Gosh, another one so soon?!

Well yes! Because i'm excited! Gravey1 and I finished our collab, My Quiet Place, and we're both pretty proud of it! Our styles compliment each other nicely. He has the more orchestral side of the song, i'm more of the electronic side. This was actually only 2 days in the making, and it sounds so awesome!

So, go and check it out! Now!

My Quiet Place


[Apr. 15, 09] Well, i might as well make another new post...

So, i'm in a collab with Gravey1. He is insanely awesome at doing musical stuff, we've got a lot done so far. Don't expect anything real soon. I'm gonna have to say we're both perfectionists. :P

I wouldn't be expecting new material from me anytime soon either. I'm waiting on a friend to finish a guitar solo for me on a "Flight Back" song, and he's pretty pazy so i'm not expecting it to be done anytime soon.

As for the Audio Ad Thread, i can't keep up with the amount of posts being made. I've tried my best, but it's getting away from me pretty quick. It's not like i have the time to be on here 24/7. I'm trying my best though!

As for the new RSS feed stuff, that seems pretty nice. It's a good way to earn some money, who cares about the amount. :D

Wait for the next post!

So, i am now in F-777's Feelings Of Music contest. I am quite happy with my submission, Flying, and i hope more people will notice it and like it.

Now, the real reason for this new news post is to say this: The Audio Advertisment thread in the Audio board is a complete mess. All that it posted there now is links. That's all i see. However (and this is an honest however!) i will be trying to somewhat resurect the ad thread. I will check it periodically and give some critique to the songs or try to help some of those artists who need a little attention. I hope some others might join me in this mini crusade of sorts. I think that the new artists and old ones who don't get much popularity on their songs from the submit button need a helping hand. God knows i do, but that doesn't matter.

I shall do my part to help this thread. Who else will?

I need to tell you all about Forelorn Lemons once again. THIS SONG WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. I cannot say why, but it always leaves me all warm and fuzzy inside... just... listen to it and review it... nubbin deserves it.